Virtual Data Room (VDR) for Real Estate Management

Data sharing for Real Estate transactions is critical
FirmsData Virtual Data Room makes it simple & secure

Helping Real estate managers, brokers, contractors and investors for better & secure collaboration

FirmsData, Securing Real Estate Data Sharing & Management

Real Estate projects involve a large number of documents sharing with multiple internal departments, contractors,  financial institutes and government departments. At first place, storing and sharing large data sets with these many people is a very tedious task and making it secure makes it even more difficult. 

VDR for Real Estate management not only makes data sharing much secure but also gives great control on its users. It also helps in Real Estate Due Diligence for multiple purposes by making data sharing secure, easy and under control.

FirmsData Virtual Data Room for Real Estate has been widely used by a large number of customers across the globe.  Our VDR for Real Estate management is equipped with various advanced features and security standards to make it even more reliable VDR for Real Estate. 

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Why you should use Virtual Data Room (VDR) for Real Estate:

  • VDR in Real Estate projects gives a single yet simple interface to store & share large datasets

  • Real estate transactions and files are very sensitive information. Virtual Data Room in Real Estate projects make it secure even when data is being shared with a very large audience

  • VDR in Real Estate business also gives admins a complete control on users of this data

  • VDR in Real Estate helps investors and banks by simplifying Due Diligence process

  • Virtual Data room saves a lot of time by providing its users a simple & secure platform for Q&A 

  • All Real Estate projects have to go through legal and financial audits by various parties. Keeping all important data ready in Virtual Data Room helps during these audits 

  • It  helps big infrastructure & construction companies to manage multiple projects with multiple teams by using single platform

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Things to consider while selecting Virtual Data Room for Real Estate

  • VDR provide should have Subject Matter Expertise in Real Estate
  • Virtual Data Room for Real Estate should be very secure
  • VDR platform should follow government guidelines 
  • VDR in Real Estate should allow multiple projects management
  • It should provide comprehensive reporting system
  • Data administrator should have complete control on data and its users
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FirmsData VDR for Real Estate management provides high level of security and compliances:

  • Time and ip access restriction
  • Granular user permissions
  • Two-factor authentication
  • In transit & at rest encryption
  • 256 bit ssl encryption
  • Secure fence view
  • Dynamic watermarks
  • Remote shred
  • Secure spreadsheet viewer
  • Download restrictions
  • Archiving control 
  • Iso:27001 security complainces
  • Highly secure amazon servers
  • Disaster recovery 

Real Estate and Construction companies can use comprehensive features by FirmsData including but not limited to Easy Drag Drop, Single / Bulk Data Upload, Supporting Multiple Formats, Auto Indexing, Group Permissions, View & Control User Activities, Auto Watermarking, Customized Reports and many more.