Virtual Data Room (VDR) for Due Diligence

Due Diligence is all about data validation and scrutiny
FirmsData Virtual Data Room simplifies Due Diligence process

Be it storing large data or sharing it to large audience, we got you covered

FirmsData, a secure Virtual Data Room for Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a process to investigate the facts of any matter to ensure transparent & fair decision making. Due Diligence is being practiced in almost every industry like Finance, Biotech, Real Estate, Energy, Legal IT etc.

There might be different Due Diligence check lists based on industry and objective of data validation. Virtual Data Room for Due Diligence makes the entire Due Diligence process easy, secure and cost effective for each party involved at each phase of Due Diligence process.

FirmsData Virtual Data Room for Due Diligence has been trusted by many companies across the globe not only because of its secure technology but also because of its Due Diligence Subject Matter Expertise.

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Key Industries where Virtual Data Room for Due Diligence plays an important role:

  • Financial Institutions:-  In case of M&A, Fund Raising or Restructuring, Due Diligence is required by every financial institution. VDR for M&A Due Diligence needs to comply with government guidelines and security standards.

  • Law Firms: - Legal firms always deal with sensitive & confidential information of individuals and/or companies. VDR for Due Diligence is an obvious choice of all Law Firms to ensure security of data.

  • Life Science & Biotech Companies: - Clinical trials, drug licenses and compliance documents are few major examples of sensitive data at Life Science & Biotech companies. Virtual Data Room for Biotech and Life Science companies makes it easy to store and share large data sets.

  • Real Estate Companies: - Construction and building infrastructure involves regular data sharing with banks, lenders, builders and various contractors. It involves huge financial transactions and reporting to multiple companies & individuals. VDR for real estate is the key for data sharing.

  • Information Technology: - Start-ups, fund raising, M&A, Venture capital, IPO etc. are common terms, we hear regularly in IT industry. It revolves around huge competitions and data sharing in between multiple parties. VDR is a de facto need in IT industry for complex Due Diligence.

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Things to consider while selecting Virtual Data Room for Due Diligence

  • VDR provider should have Due Diligence Subject Matter Expertise
  • VDR should be ready for multiple Due Diligence check list
  • Good to have industry wise Due Diligence knowledge
  • VDR platform should follow government guidelines 
  • VDR for Due Diligence should ensure data security
  • VDR for Due Diligence should be easy to use

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Features of FirmsData Virtual Data Room for Due Diligence:

  • Intutive user interface
  • Support multiple formats
  • Automatic indexing
  • Dynamic watermarks
  • Protected archiving & deletion
  • Group permissions
  • High level customized reports
  • Time and ip access restriction
  • Granular user permissions
  • Two-factor authentication
  • In transit & at rest encryption
  • 256 bit ssl encryption

VDR for Due Diligence can be is used in almost every industry based on purpose and need of the companies. FirmsData VDR has played a key role in multiple Due Diligence initiatives for many global companies.