Virtual Data Room (VDR) for Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Bankruptcy & Restructuring needs a comprehensive due diligence
FirmsData Virtual Data Room helps law firms to streamline insolvency & restructuring

Effectively manage your bankruptcy life cycle by storing, securing & sharing confidential data

FirmsData, making Bankruptcy & Restructuring projects easy and secure

Insolvency and restructuring project management is very complex process and requires high level of confidentiality & compliances.  Almost each law firm uses Virtual Data Room in insolvency projects to ensure availability and security of confidential data. In recent years, we have seen an increase in insolvency cases and VDR has been playing important role in data management.

In corporate restructuring, a company has to deal with huge document collection & review processes which may involve many parties from different locations, departments and government agencies. Unavailability of required documents leads to delay in the process and also involves additional cost. Virtual Data Room in bankruptcy solves these issues.

FirmsData has been working with many Law firms and corporate during Insolvency and restructuring projects. FirmsData VDR for law firms helps them to manage all documents logically and provide a high level of security while sharing data with different parties.

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How Virtual Data Room (VDR) in Bankruptcy and Restructuring help:

  • VDR for bankruptcy provides single secure interface to fetch all  required data

  • VDR in restructuring helps in sharing data access to intended users only 

  • Using Q&A module, members can quickly clarify their doubts based on data

  • Role & IP based data access can be provided to members 

  • VDR also helps buyers to do quick due diligence on their decisions

  • Features like advance search and auto indexing helps users to quickly find data

  • It makes a secure & controlled collaboration between all parties involved in the process

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Things to consider while selecting Virtual Data Room for Bankruptcy & Restructuring

  • VDR provider should have subject matter expertise in bankruptcy & restructuring
  • Virtual data room for insolvency should have easy to use interface
  • VDR platform should follow government guidelines 
  • VDR provider should have previous experience in managing insolvency projects 
  • It should provide comprehensive reporting & communication system
  • Data administrator should have complete control on data and its users
  • VDR system should be fully secure &  scalable to be able to use by multiple parties
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Features of FirmsData Virtual Data Room for Bankruptcy & Restructuring:

  • Intutive user interface
  • Support multiple formats
  • Automatic indexing
  • Dynamic watermarks
  • Protected archiving & deletion
  • Group permissions
  • High level customized reports
  • Time and ip access restriction
  • Granular user permissions
  • Two-factor authentication
  • In transit & at rest encryption
  • 256 bit ssl encryption

FirmsData, making Bankruptcy & Restructuring projects easy and secure